The text of Ribbon Button center Alignment effect not looks so user friendly

Precondition: 1.Two buttons with different text, one have one word, the other have more then one word. choose the button text line alignment as center Expected Result: When choose the button t...

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RibbonHost with RibbonForm. Rendering with displacement

using Ribbon with Form class have normal rendering RibbonHost, but if using Ribbon form - ribbonHost move to left-up as picture in attach

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RibbonCombobox item search

Hello! How to find ribbonComboBox1.DropDownItems one text? Example: string[] itemstext= {"aaa","bbb","ccc"}; string[] itemsvalue = { "val1", "val2", "val3" }; for (int i = 0...

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Menu not expanding to fit menu items

I have a button in a panel, and its style is Dropdown. The DropDownResizable is set to true. However, I have menu items that are being wrapped in two lines and I can't find any other way to resize ...

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Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

We have placed Ribbon control in the split container. This split container actually sub container of another split control as per design. In the build it is succeeded but when it runs it throwing a...

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How to disable ribbonbutton

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I use the Ribbon for my product,but i can not add a RibbonDescriptionMenuItem,I can not find it in adding dropdownitem. Could you tell me how to add it?

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RibbonButton dropdown bounds not editable?

I have a ribbonbutton and its style is dropdown. I add ribbonbuttons in its dropdownitems collection. The text of some of these items is long and the default dropdown size is not increased so that ...

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Designer Error when RibbonTab.Visible = false

If you declare a RibbonTab as not visible at design time, then the designer will throw an error next time, the Cache is rebuild. You will get a NullReferenceException "at System.ComponentModel.Re...

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Drop down menu on quick launch bar doesn't appear

I've trying out the quick launch menu and generally I've got it working, but if I add a button with a drop down to the menu, it appears and if I click the down arrow, the _showing event is fired, b...

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