Window border/frame doesn't draw correctly on Windows 10

When using the ribbon on a Windows 10 operating system, the window border isn't drawn correctly, and looks rather inconsistent with the rest of the UI.

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How do I catch a click event on a button item

I'm creating a ribbon with many button items which are added in run run time to the panels. How can I catch the click event on the buttons? I want to have one event which than I'll query the Item.T...

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If I double click on tab, it hides

Hi guys. Nice work with the ribbon! I have an issue, I'm using it in a program and it only has one tab. When I double click the tab it hides and I have to click again. I don't know if it's a bug or...

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Error Ribbon with Version 10052013 and 07102013

Hi I work with VS2010 and Windows 7 Hi I have been using version Ribbon 13012013 without problems, however I want to use framework 4 or up, so I change version 7-oct-2013 but when I try to use thi...

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Terrible compatibility with System.Drawing.Graphics

OK, so i was using a RibbonForm with borderMode = nonClientAreaGlass. Then I drew some rectangles with Graphics and when I ran it, the border of the form was white. When I disabled the drawing code...

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RibbonHost with RibbonForm. Rendering with displacement

using Ribbon with Form class have normal rendering RibbonHost, but if using Ribbon form - ribbonHost move to left-up as picture in attach

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RibbonCombobox item search

Hello! How to find ribbonComboBox1.DropDownItems one text? Example: string[] itemstext= {"aaa","bbb","ccc"}; string[] itemsvalue = { "val1", "val2", "val3" }; for (int i = 0...

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RibbonButton dropdown bounds not editable?

I have a ribbonbutton and its style is dropdown. I add ribbonbuttons in its dropdownitems collection. The text of some of these items is long and the default dropdown size is not increased so that ...

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Designer Error when RibbonTab.Visible = false

If you declare a RibbonTab as not visible at design time, then the designer will throw an error next time, the Cache is rebuild. You will get a NullReferenceException "at System.ComponentModel.Re...

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Drop down menu on quick launch bar doesn't appear

I've trying out the quick launch menu and generally I've got it working, but if I add a button with a drop down to the menu, it appears and if I click the down arrow, the _showing event is fired, b...

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