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How to Report Bugs or Issues

Try to provide as much information as you can. Adequate information will help the reader to quickly and accurately identify the cause of problem. Insufficient information will lead the reader to do lots of guessing. Please note that, the reader cannot see your computer screen. Solutions provided might not even solved the problems.

  1. Try to explain what you have done.
  2. What is the error messsage?
  3. If possible, post the code that generates the error.
  4. (Most Powerful & Significantly) Upload a sample project that will Generate the Error. The sample project speak more powerful than a few sentence posted.

Sometimes, it might not a bug, it might be some missing steps.

With the enough information provided, the readers can efficiently, save time, save effort and shoot at the right target. The reader will point you to the right direction too.

You can post the bugs report or issues at [Discussion] and upload the sample project at:

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