Select textboxes from Ribbon Button - MDI Form

Jan 13, 2014 at 3:39 AM

I'm having a little trouble selecting the content of a textbox on a mdi child. For example" Let's say I click on RibbonButton8 and I want the textbox on the child form to have a popup.
        'Dim x As frmString = New frmString ' Did not work. Just blank popup.
        Dim x As New frmString ' Did not work. Just blank popup.
        Dim z As String
        z = x.txtTestString.Text ' text box control on frmString page.
Seems nothing is working; I can't pass any text from one form to another vb net. The only thing I would do is place the controls on one form and it works, but not from the ribbon.

I even tried:
'Dim Stringform As New frmString
        '    '   Stringform
        '    If Stringform.txtTesttStringKey.Text = "" Then
        '        MsgBox("Please add some text")
        '        Stringform.txtTesttStringKey.Focus()
        '        Return
        '        Exit Sub
        '    Else
   Exit Sub
        '    End If
Still no text, just an empty textbox. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Any ideas?