2010 Ribbon - Getting 'Object of type 'System.String' cannot be converted...

Dec 23, 2012 at 4:43 PM

I followed the instructions in the sparse documentation and it works fine, but when I close the form and reopen it I continually get a "Object of type 'System.String' cannot be converted to type 'System.Drawing.Image' error in Visual Studio 2010.  Interesting thing is that I can still run it in debug with no problem, I just cannot do anything in design mode.

Here is the Call Stack:

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at System.ComponentModel.ReflectPropertyDescriptor.SetValue(Object component, Object value)
at System.ComponentModel.ReflectPropertyDescriptor.ResetValue(Object component)
at System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.CodeDomSerializer.ResetBrowsableProperties(Object instance)
at System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.CodeDomSerializer.Deserialize(IDesignerSerializationManager manager, Object codeObject)
at System.Windows.Forms.Design.ControlCodeDomSerializer.Deserialize(IDesignerSerializationManager manager, Object codeObject)
at System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.TypeCodeDomSerializer.DeserializeName(IDesignerSerializationManager manager, String name, CodeStatementCollection statements)

Any help?

Jan 2, 2013 at 1:05 PM

Hey, try this release: